Teachers & Speakers

She is a physiotherapist with 10 years of experience. Her keen interest is in bringing biomechanics and functional anatomy into Yoga asana practice. 


Usha Rawat

16 years of experience as a physiotherapist for patients with various health concerns from all walks of life. Strongly opposed to complicated medical terms, quick fixes and surgical interventions.


Tariq Shaikh

A Kathak dancer and dance movement therapist. 


Sakal Media Group

Mrunal Pawar

He is a traditional scholar and practitioner of Yoga with a Ph.D. in Yoga from SVYASA University, Bangalore. He had a thorough training in Sanskrit language and shaastras since childhood, 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sushrutha S

A certified Yoga teacher with 9+ years of experience with focus on safe practice, blending strength and mobility concepts with focus on breath, Pranayama and meditation to de-stress. 

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Co-Founder of Yog Mahotsav

Sarika Salvi Vasudev

He is a leading exponent of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. He has been a teacher for more than 15 years. He has developed a unique style of teaching based on the Yoga Sutras.

Yoga teacher

Asheet Ambekar

With over 9+ years of experience, her main focus through yoga is to improve the movement pattern - strength, balance & stability

Her sessions aim to make sure her students are "all geared up for their day"

Yoga Teacher,

Co-founder Yog Mahotsav

Zahabbiya Walbeek

A Pune based Coach who inspires and nurtures clients in leading their best lives by discovering their core value, vision and unique area of genius.

Transformation Coach

Kashmira mody

Mandar is a passionate believer in the power of music as a tool for all round human development. He is a published author and a student of Indian Classical Vocal Music.

Co-founder of Baithak Foundation

Mandar Karanjkar

Strongly believe in the integration of Yoga & Ayurveda with Strength Training to facilitate optimum holistic health. Founder YogaByAakaash


Aakaash Ramchandani

Her background in Nutrition and Yoga made her appreciate holistic approach in improving quality of life. With this objective she co-founded ‘The MixedBag Company’.

Co-founder 'The MixedBag Company'

Shilpa Padmanabhan

Dr. Ruchira Joshi's vision is to propagate Yoga as holistic health science with specific treatment protocols at Panchakosha level for chronic & undying ailments.

Yoga researcher., Integrative Consultant, Holistic Counselor & Speaker.

Dr. Ruchira Rupesh Joshi

Specialist in Integrative Wholistic, drugless therapies. Practitioner, trainer and Mentor for "unseen energies"; Aura scanning, Human Energy field balancing. 

Health Solution

Dr Sujata Vaidya

Dr. Sai Susarla is a software professional and Sanskrit language enthusiast who switched career to start Vedic knowledge education in mainstream universities.

Dean( MIT School of Vedic Sciences)

Dr. Sai Susarla  

He is a Yogapreneur, Life Coach, and Digital Nomad. He travels and create spaces for Yoga On The Go!. He is trained by Yoga Vahini and teaches in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya 


Hariprasad Varma

A senior yoga teachers with the BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute since 2006.

Senior Teacher

Anjali Ratnaparkhe

An experienced Yoga facilitator committed to make a difference in the educational field by applying knowledge of Yogic philosophy & Psychology.

Yoga Pradhyapaka

Chhaya Bhandari

A certified clinical Therapist and part of faculty of The International Academy of Sound Healing. She regularly works towards wellness. She also teaches and trains people in Sound Therapy

Clinical Sound therapist

Poonam Dhandhania

She has been studying and consequently teaching yoga for over 17 years. Her core area of study has been Ashtanga Yoga - one of the oldest and most revered forms of yoga for centuries.

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Chandana Bhowmick

Vidisha Kaushal is a Radical Life transformation Coach and Spiritual Catalyst. Her own tryst with Bells Palsy many years ago is what made her explore the world of healing and the power of the mind

Spiritual Catalyst

Vidisha Kaushal

With 25+ years in alternative therapies with specialization in acupressure therapy. He has authored various articles in journals and have also published books on naturopathy.

Accu-Yoga consultant

PremPrakash Sharma

Evidence based Coach and transformation expert with more than 700 transformations (accounted) and lot many (unaccounted)

Co-founder and Director of SQUATS

Bala Krishna Reddy

He has dedicated his life to Naturopathy & healed many with his knowledge and expertise.

Dean at Nature Cure facility

Dr Jaiswal

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